Hammer-Safaris - a Leopard on the Rock

“On Leopard Rock – a Life of Adventures”


This magnificent farm was initially established as a private hunting farm by the renowned South African best-selling author, Wilbur Smith. As an avid hunter, he gradually began prioritising animal welfare and the conservation of nature in his later years.

The significance of this land to him is evident in his inaugural memoir titled “On Leopard Rock: A Life of Adventures.” It reflects the profound impact and cherished memories he experienced in this remarkable place.

In 2002, Wilbur Smith sold his farm to a businessman from Cape Town, Wayne Oostingh, who retired in his early forties to work harder than ever before in his life. Wayne transformed the already fantastic farm into something unimaginably beautiful, with the aim of keeping the game reserve as untouched as possible.

Covering a vast area of 6000 ha, which includes mountains and gentle hills, we are delighted to invite you to experience the original appearance and beauty of the Klein Karoo.

The Klein Karoo is home to more than 3200 plant species, with 400 species unique to this region and not found anywhere else in the world. You can also spot 80 different bird species, as well as the game species that are native to this area.

In 2023, my wife Franziska and I, Joachim Hammer, had the incredible opportunity to purchase Leopard Rock. Together with Wayne and his wonderful wife Gwen, we are embarking on a new chapter as:

“Hammer-Safaris” on “Leopard Rock”

Owners: Joachim & Franzi

Owners: Joachim & Franzi

About Us

Discover serenity in untouched nature and immerse yourself in the unparalleled diversity of flora and fauna with: 

Hammer Safaris on Leopard Rock

Sustainability holds great significance for us, which is why we prioritize sourcing our drinking water directly from our farm and generating our own electricity. The majority of our products are obtained directly from our property. Whether it’s the lovingly cultivated vegetables and fruits from Gwen’s garden, game that we hunt ourselves, eggs from our own chickens, or locally sourced lamb from the neighbouring farm, all these elements contribute to the holistic Klein Karoo experience that is of utmost importance to us.

(previous owners and manager of the game farm, Wayne and Gwen have begun their well deserved retirement and are still staying on the farm)

Organic Gwen

Dirk & Bev Strydom from Hammer Safari's

Farm Manager: Dirk and Bev Strydom

After devoting three decades to raising their four sons in the Bushveld, Dirk and Bev have chosen to begin a fresh chapter with Hammer Safaris. Since 2003, they have been deeply entrenched in the hospitality and hunting sectors, elevating a modest lodge to a 5-star destination and a 4-star tented camp. Embracing a philosophy of hands-on management, Dirk oversees the seamless operation of game and safari activities, while Bev attends to all guest-related matters. United in their dedication, they are committed to delivering unparalleled guest satisfaction through their collaborative efforts.

Hammer Safaris on Leopard Rock


Hammer-Safaris - House Eland Sitting Room


2 Bedrooms, each with double bed, (4 guests), 2 bathrooms, lounge area, rustic kitchen for a group of hunters or a small family

Hammer-Safaris Kudu Room Double Bed


2 Bedrooms equipped with double beds for a maximum of 4 guests, shared bathroom with bath and shower

Hammer-Safaris Oryx Room


2 Double beds in one spacious bedroom, an equally spacious bathroom en suite. Ideally for 2 people, can accommodate 4 max.

Hammer-Safaris Boma Area


After an exciting day in the veld, meet family and friends to report on your day. A warming, crackling fire, snacks and cool drinks are a delightful way to end a marvellous day.

Hammer-Safaris Trophy Room - Billard Room

Trophy Room

Get a special close-up look at Africa’s game, skilfully taxidermised and mounted. Enjoy the evening at the snooker table or just relax with a beer in this special atmosphere.

Hammer Safaris Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Enjoy the swimming pool adjacent to the Boma area during the day or night. Relax in the warm Africa sun and enjoy some snacks or a cold beverage next to the swimming pool.

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Prior to commencing your hunt, we ensure that your weapon is properly sighted in or provide you with a rented firearm if preferred. To maintain our commitment to ethical and traditional hunting practices, we strictly engage in hunting on foot and abstain from shooting from vehicles. However, for efficient navigation across the expansive area, we utilise vehicles until game is spotted, at which point the hunt commences on foot, employing the “walk and stalk” technique.

Hammer Safaris offers a diverse range of game species that can be hunted on our expansive 6000 ha property or in nearby areas.

Shooting Range
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Our hunting opportunities encompass a variety of game species, including Eland, Kudu, Oryx, Zebra, Red Hartebeest, Blue Wildebeest, Black-backed Jackal, Duiker, Steenbok, Springbok, Ostrich, and Bushbuck (please refer to our price list for specific details).


At Hammer Safaris, we take pride in maintaining an environment without internal fences, allowing all our game to roam freely. Following the hunt, our dedicated slaughtery and cold room ensure proper treatment of both the meat and trophies.

In addition to the huntable game, our reserve is home to numerous non-huntable species such as the bat-eared fox, aardvark, porcupine, honey badger, various hare and rabbit species, the Cape grysbok, the leopard tortoise, and a plethora of bird species.

While the elusive leopard, after which the farm is named, is rarely seen, it is tracked from time to time.

If you have any inquiries regarding other huntable species not listed in our price list, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are dedicated to accommodating your preferences.

OTHER Activities

Hammer Safaris Red Hartebeest

game viewing

Additionally to their accommodation, we offer our guests the opportunity to participate in one of our unforgettable game drives on our 6000 ha farm…

Hammer Safaris Mountain Range and Klein Karoo Beauty


A special experience is to explore the breath-taking landscape on your own two feet. Discover the Klein Karoo with its unique flora and fauna at a much slower pace…

Hammer Safaris Cycling Sunset


For those who want to experience nature on two wheels, free from any engine noise. Feel the wind and the sun of the Klein Karoo as you ride towards the sunset…

Hammer Safaris Stargazing


Without light pollution, the stars seem so close. Freely gaze at them on the lodge area in combination with accommodation, or pay for a stargazing drive…

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